Competitive Call of Duty (CDL) Schedule Of The Weekend #GreenWall

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If you don't know this guy, get ready to become very familiar with him. This is Seth Abner, aka OpTic Scumpii, and he's the King of Competitive Call of Duty. 

Scump has held the competitive CoD throne for close to the past decade. Funny enough, his dad is Shawn Abner, former 1st Overall Pick in the 1984 MLB Draft (maybe it's in the genes?).

I am and have been a HUGE OpTic fan since I began following competitive CoD during Black Ops 3. Mainly, it's because of this man in the middle, Hecz. He's known as the Godfather of CoD for a multitude of reasons (I can write a separate blog on him later). Just know that Hector Rodriguez, better known as Hecz, has crafted OpTic from a sniping org in 2007 into one of the top (if not THE top) organization in Competitive CoD (basing this off his ability to grow personalities in his team and have an insanely loyal fanbase #GreenWall). 

This weekend, the CDL (Call of Duty League) is having their Paris Legion Home Series beginning at 3pm EST.

All the games will be played and casted on the following YouTube channel -

Each matchup is a Best of 5 series cycling through the following 3 game modes: Hardpoint (King of the Hill), Search and Destroy and Control (combination of Search and Hardpoint….kinda). If you guys want, I could break down each game mode in separate blogs, but I won't bore you with the nitty gritty here.

Competitive CoD is a ton of fun to watch, so if you haven't check it out, you'll probably enjoy it. Join our discord to chat with us about the matches!

Sunday's matchups will be the following three -

Tweet me your favorite teams! You know I'm rolling with the #GreenWall