Spencer Brown Celebrated Being Drafted By The Bills By Obliterating A Table In The Name Of #BillsMafia

You know how the NFL sends all potential draft candidates hats from every team so they can wear the logo of whatever franchise drafted them? I feel like they also need to send everyone a #BillsMafia starter kit for the guys who are being sent North of The Wall. Some Blue Lights, a pair of Zubaz pants, and of course a folding table.

Luckily Spencer Brown brought his own table in order to create the perfect bond with those beautiful savages in Western New York. His form may not have been perfect, but there is plenty of time to improve that. The tap of the elbow Macho Man style before putting his 300+ pound O-Lineman frame through the comically overmatched plastic shows that he has the chops to be a great member of the Mafia in due time. How will he hold up protecting a 10 foot QB remains to be seen. But it appears Spencer already has the important stuff down to thrive in B-Lo.