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New Ravens OL Ben Cleveland Once Shot Some Squirrels in a Tree in His Backyard and Grilled Them Because There Was No Food in the House

The Baltimore Ravens drafted Ben Cleveland in the third round on Friday night, who may be the most interesting person we've met so far in this year's NFL Draft.

Twitter went wild when everyone saw photos of Cleveland, who is listed at 6'6", 345 pounds and is built like a brick shithouse.

But when you listen to him tell the story of how he shot two squirrels out of a tree and cooked them up because there was no food in the house, there is certainly no player in the League who better embodies the spirit of "Big Country." Any other professional football player with that nickname should have to go on a three-day hunting trip with Cleveland and then at the end, he decides who else can keep that nickname in addition to himself.

This guy is everything you want in someone tasked with protecting your quarterback. All he wants to do is knock the piss out of people and go kill his own food.

He also apparently developed a pretty big affinity for squirrel over the years, because he said at the NFL Combine that he started eating more of it to improve his speed.

I'm pretty sure I've found the most likable person to ever attend the University of Georgia. Ben Cleveland rocks.