A Blue Jays Fan Caught A Bo Bichette Home Run While Wearing A Bichette Shirt And Recording Himself Live On His Phone

Talk about right place, right time eh? Doesn't get much luckier for this Jays fan. Decides to catch a Jays - Braves game on a Friday night and he's hanging out in right center field. Takes his phone out to record his favorite player's at-bat when you hear the crack. Bo Bichette smokes this ball into right center and it's coming right at Nicholas Neubauer. You can hear his reaction when he sees it's headed his way. He takes a few steps over and sticks his glove up to make the catch. Souvenir city, population Nicholas. So not only did he catch a home run ball, it's from his favorite player and he basically called his shot by deciding to record it on his phone. He's got everyone around him congraduatling him, giving high fives, the royal treatment. He probably didn't even comprehend that he was on TV and it was catching his reaction. The catch was clean too, didn't bobble it, didn't drop it, caught it right in the pocket. And the camera work on it was great. Wasn't shaky, you could see and hear everything, quite the camera skills in those conditions. 

The look on his face and reaction is priceless. A pretty awesome moment for the fan, and the fact that he was able to wait around for Bichette after the game and tell him he caught the ball on the fly while recording is really cool. Had to make that kids year. Nicholas was able to meet up with Bichette's mom and she gave him a signed picture of Bo, and hey were able to arrange the picture of him holding the home run ball. What a moment for the kid, probably the best moment he's had at a baseball game. Eat your heart out, Foul Ball Guy.