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There Was Another Airport Brawl Yesterday, This Time At Chicago's Shithole O'Hare Airport

In these ladies defense, as somebody that spends a lot of time in airports and can recognize terminals and gates from grainy cell phone video, my blood boils every time I get through United security only to find out my boarding gate is C29 and you gotta go underground through that Goddamn neon tunnel, back up three flights of stairs, and then all the way down another terminal. 

That will get anybody's panties in a bunch. 

Safe assumption that's what happened here. Add in the fact that covid has given pieces of shit the liberty to be true pieces of shit in the name of covid, and there's a strong chance folks were taking up 3 seats each at the gate and even though I'm not a CSI, and didn't sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night, I feel confident in saying that's how we got from point A to point B here.

And we got a two-for-one with this meleè too. It either started out as one Royal Rumble that saw its participants segment off to fight one on one, or one fight broke out and then the other group said "you know what, fuck it" and dropped the gloves themselves.

Just O'Hare being O'Hare. 

The entire experience sucks. From the $60 Uber's from downtown, to getting kicked in the dick by standstill traffic no matter what the day or hour. To schlepping it on the Blue Line if you choose to take your life in your own hands and then walking 2 miles from the station through tunnels to get to security. Carl has harped on the subject a dozen times, and he's right. Now that Midway has upped its restaurant and bar game, it's not even a debate anymore which the superior airport is. Not that it ever should have been but the O'Hare crowd are a feisty bunch.

I'm rooting for them too. Once this Rahm remodel project is done I'm hoping for a turnaround like LaGuardia underwent. I flew into LGA a couple of months ago and didn't know where I was. They did an incredible job on the place. Fingers crossed for O'Hare. Chicago needs it to once again be a premier airport.

p.s. - even money this flight was headed to Miami