Just Reminder That Justin Fields Had The Highest Mental Aptitude Test...EVER

"This guy, Dr. Goldman, he's a sports psychologist," Sanchez said. "I talked to him yesterday. He has some interesting information on how he evaluates players, all players from all different sports, OK? Since 2012, this guy's interviewed and given basically a mental aptitude test on an iPad [to] 6,500 athletes. Professional athletes, not just this Average Joe walking down the street.

"They have a learning efficiency rating on there, so it's basically [about] acquisition -- like how many reps does it take until you get it, until you understand something -- and then your recall. Like, once you have it, can you bring it back and use it, right? That's basically what they're trying to figure out in that part of this test.

"Justin Fields, the guy who supposedly can't go through his reads, doesn't have great work ethic, all this bogus stuff -- he scored the highest. Ever. He scored the highest that they can rank him. He scored a 130 on it. [Patrick] Mahomes was like a 108. Josh Allen was like a 108. Over 100 is good.

Is that good? Is a guy who can learn faster and better at QB than anyone ever a good thing. 6500 elite athletes have been tested and Justin Fields is the best of the best. He sounds like he is un-fuck-up-able by all accounts, which should be the #1 characteristic the Chicago Bears should be looking for in a quarterback. Now the Bears have him. What a fucking day. 

Fields is smart, we know how fucking tough he is from the college football playoff. We know he's fucking electric. Pro Football Focus had this to say


We’ll let PFF’s ball-placement charting do the deciding here. Justin Fields is tops in the class on all passes thrown five-plus yards downfield over the past two seasons with a 61.6% on-target rate, narrowly edging out Alabama's Mac Jones. That’s not quite at the 66.1% we saw from Joe Burrow last year, but it far outpaces most of the other top quarterbacks in the class. No one besides Jones (61.5%) in the class is within five percentage points.

Smartest and most accurate. Pretty fucking good place to start. We've got our QB1, boys and girls. Great time to be a Bears fan. Can remember ever being this excited for a draft pick. 

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