An Armed Robber Demanded McDonald's Chicken Nuggets, But It Was Before 10:30 So He Settled For A Double Sausage McMuffin

Rudi Batten, 22, entered a McDonald’s in Yate, England around 7 a.m. on Feb. 8 and allegedly took 50 pounds from a register before holding an imitation firearm to a store manager’s head and leading him to a safe, the Bristol Post reported.

He then asked for chicken nuggets but settled with a double sausage McMuffin because the restaurant was only serving from its breakfast menu at the time, the local newspaper added.

Rudi Batten (pointing a gun at the head of the manager): "THIS IS A ROBBERY! PUT ALL THE NUGGETS YOU GOT IN THE BAG! A COUPLE SWEET AND SOUR SAUCES TOO"

McDonald's Manager: "No can do, sir. Check the sign. Lunch doesn't start until 10:30 am sharp."

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Someone call the Guinness Book of World Records, because the balls on this McDonald's manager have to be the size of watermelons. Even if you pull a gun and stick it to his head, they're not changing the breakfast schedule. Rules are rules. I'm assuming the cops nabbed him when he came back at 11? Or maybe if the manager was truly a veteran of the industry, he could've instructed Mr. Batten to pull ahead and they'd bring some out to him when they were ready. Just have him waiting patiently as the cops arrive. 

But honestly, if we're strictly speaking McDonalds here, I feel like he got the better end of the deal in this tradeoff. The story says he "settled" with a double sausage McMuffin. Buddy, you didn't settle for anything. A double sausage McMuffin goes off the board before McNuggets in literally every single draft ever. The only thing I would've done differently was make it a McGriddle, but still, beggars can't be choosers I guess. Either way, this isn't heartbreak whatsoever. The only real heartbreak would've been if he was especially craving a McFlurry and the ice cream machine was down.

We're assuming he got a hash brown as well, correct……? Need an updated story because I feel that is essential information not only for the reader, but also for the judge. Sounds like the judge gave him a 6 year sentence. Has to have gotten a hash brown or two then, because if he didn't, this type of lunatic shouldn't be on the streets for 10-15 more years.

Other essential information:

The day prior, Batten allegedly robbed Miss Millie’s in Yate and fled with cash and fried chicken.

I don't hate this move one bit. Two heists in two days, not just taking cash, but filling his plate while doing so. Robbing fast food restaurants ain't easy on an empty belly! My question is this: if he had gotten away with this one at McDonalds, does he turn around and try again on Day 3? Burger King, Wendys, and Taco Bell would've had to call out their armed guards….Batten was in striking distance of a Hat Trick.