Najee Harris Throwing A Draft Party For The Homeless Shelter He Spent Time At As A Kid Was The Best NFL Draft Moment

It's so easy to tune into the NFL Draft every year and see all of these amazing talents getting picked up in the 1st round and just look at them as athletes. To just see the player that they've become at their highest level right now. You see Najee Harris get drafted with the 24th pick to Pittsburgh and you think about this guy right here. 

You see an athlete with almost superhuman abilities. You say to yourself, "no shit that guy is a 1st round pick". And maybe this is just me speaking from my personal viewpoint, but rarely do you think about the kid who had to work to get to the point where that man is at today. The kid who woke up every morning probably not knowing when or where his next meal was coming. The kid who went to practice every day probably not certain that he'd had a bed to sleep in later that day. A kid and a family who had so many obstacles in the way but still overcame to reach a point that so many others dream about. 

And sure, each NFL Draft prospect is different. Patrick Surtain II's father played in the NFL. Just from the looks of him, it seems like Zach Wilson comes from a bit of money. But when you see a story like Najee Harris and see where he came from to get to where he's at now? It's super humbling. And then to see him give back like that just goes to show the character of Najee Harris. The type of guy and role model he is. For a kid at that shelter right now to see someone like Najee Harris come from where they're at and then end up as a 1st round pick in the NFL? Probably a little inspiring to say the least. 

Insane talent. Better human. Decent guy for Pittsburgh to have around.