Eagles GM Howie Roseman Essentially Did A Twitter Poll And Selected WR Devonta Smith In The First Round

Thank you Howie for doing a Twitter poll and making the pick. Thank you. Howie could've done essentially what he's done every year as GM and attempt to outsmart everyone, including himself. Kwity was on the board. As was Justin Fields. Even Parsons, who admittedly would've been a fan favorite immediately, would've been a reach. Were the Giants or Cowboys really going to pick Devonte Smith? Rumor has it the Giants were all in at 11, so the 3rd round pick was easily worth it. The Heisman Trophy winner was the correct pick with what was left. Can't hate on what's right. Good on Howie for learning from his past mistakes and essentially just going chalk on the board. 

Now, is Devonta Smith going to be as electric as he was this past year aka his ONLY real good season in college? We shall see. Size is a concern, of course. As is how Alabama essentially schemed for him to be a success. But for now it was the right pick to be made. For ONCE that's literally all we can as as Eagles fans. 

There's a new, infinitely better Smitty in town. And he sure is something special. 

PS - I violently yelled at Bob Saget live on air multiple times during this pick. Never thought I'd say that one in real life.