Patrick Surtain II Needs To Be The Number 1 Pick Of The NFL Draft After Seeing His INCREDIBLE Glowing PS2 Chain

Fuck all the game film, workouts, interviews, and interest in the best quarterback prospect in a decade. The Jacksonville Jaguars need to select Patrick Surtain II with the number 1 pick of the draft because he truly is a superstar in the making. 

Incredible athletes, football players, and even QB1s come and go. But it's the truly transcendent players that have "It". You don't know what "It" is unless you see "It" and "It" is taking your PSII initials and throwing them on a custom PS2 chain that lights up. Most impressive draft night look I've seen from a DB since my coworker Deion was a small goldmine around his neck.

I'll take the liberties from Smitty to extend an invite to Gametime whenever he wants to pick up the sticks of a PS2 game of his choice complete with this entrance music when he arrives at HQ*.

*Unless the Cowboys draft him. If so, invite and all kind words written in this blog revoked

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