I Have No Choice To But To Throw My Support Behind Matt Nagy

I've been on the record for years now that I want #NagyOUT. The guy who won't run the ball. The guy who swears he's not an idiot. The guy who opens up the season with the Tee formation and then proceeds to score like negative zero points on national tv against the Packers. Every game, every news conference, every lame kicking or QB competition...he drives me insane. PMT has the Football Guy bit and to me Nagy is NOT that. Clearly. This revelation that he is a candle guy hit me deep. I have a LONG history of being a candle guy on twitter dot com

Having the courage to be a big candle guy isn't easy. I applaud Nagy for this. He knows that no matter how bad things get at least you don't live in a space that smells boring. So if Nagy is a candle guy then I have to change the way I look at him. Maybe Mitch and Foles were the problem. Maybe running the damn ball is a stupid and antiquated way to think in the year 2020. Maybe throwing it 55 times with a quarterback you hate is logical. Changing my whole perspective. You just light a candle, inhale, meditate, and hope for the best.

That's really all I want to tonight in the draft...any sense of hope. I know how Eddie and Dave feel. I know they want to go 2-15 and burn it all down. They're probably right. I just can't get there. I am hoping for a scenario like Chris Simms laid out where Justin Fields starts slipping and sliding and lands right in Ryan Pace's lap at pick #20. The Draft Gods kind of owe the Bears some good draft fortune since they have literally never had it. David Terrell, Rex Grossman, Gabe Carimi, Kevin White, Cade McNown and on and on it goes. I know every team misses on picks but the Bears seem to do it in fantastic fashion. I want to be able to dream up a scenario where the Bears walk away tonight with Dalton as nothing more than a stable pony to the future, Justin Fields. And then Fields makes Nagy look like a genius who dreams up plays under the influence of candles. Just a smidge of hope. That's all I ask for tonight.