Steelers Beat Writer Either Dropped A Huge Hint Something Could Be Happening With Justin Fields Or Made A Terrible Typo

Hold onto your balls things are about to get nuts!! So far today we've seen rumors that Jimmy G is going to New England, that the 49ers offered basically their franchise to Green Bay for Aaron Rodgers, and now Gerry Dulac saying if it's not Najee Harris then keep an eye on a QB landing with the Steelers....but not just that. He added that one little "s" at the end of Heinz Field. 

So he either knows something about A.) Justin Fields falling dramatically to 24 or beyond B.) The Steelers hushed plan to move up as much as they can to get him, or the probably most likely truth unfortunately C.) He's full of it. 

Dulac implies that obviously Harris is still their guy because they think that's the most likely best option to be there at 24. But him saying "if he (Harris) is gone before then" that's when the Steelers would make a move for QB, wouldn't that be too late? Harris would either be gone likely at 18 or he's saying that Fields is just going to free-fall all the way from not getting past 8 in Carolina to be readily available for the Steelers to trade up a few spots?

I don't know. Don't think I buy it. But hell yeah I'd take it if Dulac has some super inside information about A.) what's going to happen with Fields and B.) the Steelers being willing to put their nuts on the line and snag him.