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Josh Rojas Went Full Extension Over The Wall To Rob Fernando Tatis Jr. Of A Home Run And I Want Him Arrested Immediately

Does Josh Rojas hate fun? I'm beginning to think so. It was 9-3 Padres in the top of the 8th with 2 guys on and Tatis Jr. at the dish when Rojas decided he had seen enough and wouldn't stand for one more ounce of fun. Tatis Jr. sends one to right field, way back, looks like it would be outta here when Rojas leaps up and makes a great catch to bring back what would have been Tatis Jr.'s 8th homer of the year. Who does Josh Rojas think he is? Robbing us of another awesome Tatis Jr. highlight. Josh Rojas is a fun sucker, plain and simple. Did the Rangers put him up to this, it had to have been them. Did they decide the Padres were up too much and they didn't need 3 more runs?

Honestly I want him arrested. It should be against the law to rob a home run from Fernando Tatis Jr. Show some respect to him and let the home run celebration start. Tatis Jr. didn't even drop the bat! He was planning on carrying that thing all around the bases until Rojas ruined the fun. Should be put right in jail for what he did to not only Tatis Jr. but the fans. Give us more Tatis Jr. bombs and give them to us now. 

But honestly, it was an awesome play by Rojas and I'm sure a lot of players go 50% on that play when they're down 6 in the 8th and the ball looks like a goner. When you get a chance to rob a homer, you rob that homer. I'm just selfish and want Tatis Jr. to hit 40 bombs this season, obviously Rojas had different plans. But he should still go to jail for this robbery.