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Players Like Zion Need To Stop Making Excuses About Being Too Young To Get A Game-Changing Call When Refs Fuck Up And Cost You The Game

I know Zion is a good kid and rarely will ever say something to drum up some controversy or piss off the league. He's marketable for that along with being a freak. But this is what happened last night: 

Game on the line, ref staring at the play and Zion gets drilled in the wrist. It's as clear of a foul as you can see. That's not 'needing to do more to earn calls' that's a ref fucking up and costing you the game. Why do we have to have players lie and make up this shit? Why can't we just have someone sit there and be like yeah, you all saw the video, it's everywhere (well, almost everywhere on Twitter accounts...) call that fucking shit. I hate the notion that you only get calls if you've been in the league forever. That's part of the reason we complain about the NBA. The officiating has had its own problems ever since Tim Donaghy and that whole saga. 

'Earn respect' ... what does that even mean? Zion was an All-Star. He's putting up numbers. He's clearly a hell of a player who was the No. 1 overall pick and is living up to the hype. He's putting up 26.8 per game and 7.1 rebounds. Pretty fucking good! I'd say that's worth of respect, or at the minimum getting a call with the game on the line when it's a clear foul.