The Most Pathetic Feeble Bunch of Losers Ever

Nothing has changed, the New York Mets are still pathetic, and their season is all but over and hopeless. They don't care, they don't make adjustments, and as Frank Sinatra says, they hardly try. Once again, they have settled Jacob deGrom with a loss, his second of the season. The best pitcher in baseball is 27-21 over the last four years, and for the 33rd time, he has not gotten a win while allowing one run or less. Francisco Lindor is a total bust in the tradition of Carlos Baerga and Roberto Alomar. Dom Smith is lost, and Michael Conforto's inability to do anything with RISP has now spread faster than the Coronavirus. 

The Mets can no longer say they are still in; first, it was always fraudulent anyway. They are now below .500 and will likely be so the rest of the season as their offense is on the way to making history as the worst in baseball history—one run in two games, a five-game homestand with just six runs over the last four games. However, you spell it out; it is brutal. It is hard to watch, and it appears as if nobody even cares. 

Brandon Nimmo, who was hitting earlier now, has become a part of the suck, as he has not gotten a hit in a week. He did walk in his first at-bat; he was followed by Francisco Lindor, who also walked. The Mets had their first two runners on base. For a team that is incapable and incompetent with RISP, this was bad news. Pete Alonso struck out, Michael Conforto popped up, and J.D. Davis rolled over to short, and the Mets went down feebly the rest of the game. Meanwhile, the Red Sox got a lead-off double by Xander Bogarts and moved him to third in the second. He later scored the game's lone run. The Red Sox fouled off deGrom 23 times. The Mets, meanwhile, just flailed away and had weak at-bat after weak and feeble at-bat. 

Yesterday was similar as one Jeff McNeil home run was the Mets offense for the series as they lost both games by a combined score of 3-1. The Mets held the best offense in baseball to three total runs and lost both games because their offense is beyond bad, beyond feeble, and beyond pathetic. It is uncompetitive, and it looks like nothing will change as all they care about is fucking launch angle. This approach ruined Jeff McNeil, who could win batting titles, but it is and turned him into someone below the Mendoza Line.