You Can't Trust Any Person That Doesn't Pick Yoshi As Their Driver In Mario Kart

What a debate we have going on Instagram and Twitter right now. I've said it before but Mario Kart 64 is arguably the greatest video game of all time. To this day it still holds up and is played religiously by my group of friends. There's something about hearing a buddy ask if they want to fire up the N64 for some Mario Kart. An instant yes every time, even if it's in a car to a wedding. 

But the debate here is what player is the best. It's a heated debate for those who play the game. Every single person has their guy or gal to play with. It's known within your group of friends and it's all about establishing dominance on your player early. That and the controller. You need everyone in your group to know who you play with and what controller you play with. 

Plain and simple - if you don't pick Yoshi, I can't trust you. Some of the guys were always determined to use the big boys - DK and Wario. Those are your wild card friends, the guys who immediately go to bourbon at the bar when you're sharing a bucket of beer. Then there's the guy who used Peach.  My power rankings of the 8 characters: 

1. Yoshi

2. Toad

3. DK

4. Peach

5. Bowser

6. Wario

7. Luigi

8. Mario

Even in the office, people have their own guys. Who could forget this battle: 

Smitty and Coley are both larger men. It makes sense they go for Wario and DK. Like I said, the wild cards of the group. Back to Yoshi though, he was by far the most well-rounded driver. He had the speed, he wasn't as small as Toad and could handle a couple bumps, strong celebration and an even better name. No-brainer that he's your guy. Is it chalk? Sure, but sometimes you just gotta pick the correct choice here. So who ya got?