Coach Rush Propst (From Two-A-Days Fame) Was Fired For, Well, Caring Too Much About Winning And Allegedly Illegally Recruiting

[247] - Rush Propst did not have his contract as head football coach of Valdosta High School renewed Tuesday night after being placed on administrative leave following allegations that surfaced that he recruited players and their families and then solicited money to pay their living expenses. The allegations came about in late February.

The board of education's decision not to renew Propst's contract was made by a 5-3 vote, according to ESPN. Propst just finished his first season as head coach of the school.

I blogged these allegations when they came out and now it's official. Coach Rush Propst was fired at Valdosta High School. I think my favorite part is that the vote was 5-3. That's how you know Coach Propst is a legend and high school football matters. He allegedly was caught illegally trying to recruit, but guess what? He's a winner. Winning matters! 

According to, Valdosta Touchdown Club director Michael Nelson in the deposition accused Propst of misuse of school funds, including the allegation that he pocketed money that was originally earmarked for stadium advertising. Nelson attests that he was told to use funds to pay housing costs for two quarterback transfers, one of which was Jake Garcia, who later signed with Miami after playing at Grayson High (Loganville, Georgia).

I feel like if you hire Coach Rush Propst you just need to know something like this is going to happen. The man cares about winning too much. You don't turn Hoover High School into a dominant, name brand without being dedicated to the craft. Speaking of Hoover High; remember how fucking good MTV's Two-A-Days was? We need that back in our lives. At the minimum they should have just kept following Rush Propst around. Guy is electric television. Affairs, championships, head butting his players, cheating to recruit quarterbacks. It's like Friday Night Lights, without the stupid murder storyline in season 2, in real life. 

I'm a sucker for some good reality TV. There's a reason I watch and blog and try to podcast about The Challenge. Do you know what I'd do for some Two-A-Days back? It was ahead of it's time. It's one of my all time favorite reality shows. However, in a way it's perfect that we didn't have Twitter for Two-A-Days. Some things are perfect with nostalgia and Two-A-Days is one of those. If you were lucky enough to be old enough to watch it live, it deserves to live there. Propst is such a top reality TV character of all time. What a speech.

Shit, they gave us the definition of Bama Bangs

Rick Diamond. Getty Images.

Propst was the definition of reality TV though. It's like him and CT. They are the perfect blend of reality TV yet not too famous like the Kardashians or anything like that. But you say their name and you can picture exactly who it is. Think about what we had from the early-mid 2000s on MTV. We had stuff like Real World, The Challenge, Two-A-Days, Next, Parental Control, Room Raiders, Laguna Beach, Cribs, Jackass, Punk'd, The Hills, Jersey Shore, etc. Now we just have Ridiculousness. What a fucking mess. We truly were lucky to grow up in the best of times. 

You just know someone is going to hire Rush. It's time for him to go win another state title. Nothing else matters in Rush Propst's world.