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Indiana Trolling Its Own Fans With Larry David And Ace Ventura Is One Of The Few Wins The Program Has Had This Century

Alright, chalk one up for Indiana for beating Indiana fans. There's nothing fans love more than screaming about free throws. A team could go 18-for-20, lose by 1 and that's immediately what someone will say. It's the ultimate old man yelling slogan similar to coaches who say they are going to do things the right way. 

Granted Indiana sucked at free throws last year - and pretty much everything else. They were 300th in the country. That's not acceptable at a program that hasn't made the Elite Eight since 2002. Unacceptable! They demand excellence in Bloomington when fighting to stay on the NCAA Tournament bubble and nothing else will be allowed. I wouldn't be surprised if they turn this tweet into an NFT and sell it on popcorn boxes. That's what they tend to do with pointless wins.

I'm sure Indiana fans will tell me how Mike Woodson is fixing it. Maybe, he's done the right thing at least with his staff. But you're still a program that hasn't made the NCAA Tournament in 5 years. We sure Woodson is turning it around that much? Hey, you guys will always have this tweet. 1-0 in the Mike Woodson era. Actually 1-1 since this was just about your own fans.