This NHL Deal With Turner/HBO Better Mean One Thing...The Return Of 24/7 Road To The Winter Classic

I have a lot of thoughts on this deal. I am going to blog them later today. The first thing that immediately popped to my mind when reading this tweet...

I don't know this for a fact, and a quick google search didn't confirm, but I think that block head Lord Farquaad looking motherfucker is the one who killed the NHL's relationship with HBO and hence this show. It moved over EPIX but who even knows how to find EPIX. It wasn't this same. This was a GREAT show for both hockey fans and regular sports fans. One thing the NHL has never really fully been able to do is highlight the game's personalities. Which, in my humble, unbiased, expert opinion, are the best in sports. In fact, that is what makes Spittin Chiclets so good. Guys let their hair down and tell stories and they are themselves. We used to get that on this show too because eventually, like the Real World, it seemed like they all forgot the cameras were there and they were just guys being dudes. HBO and the NHL effectively turning their backs on this franchise was a HUGE mistake and now I would hope with this HBOMAX relationship it means that it is back. 

I want this show and then I just want alternate broadcasts on HBO MAX. Get weird with it. Mic up players during the game. Let's hear the chirps. The fuck yous. Imagine if we got this clip in real time

It'd be sensational. Ref cameras full-time. Give me a broadcast both with Biz, Whit, and Jake Marsh. Go fucking nuts. At minimum though…bring back 24/7 and that sweet, silky, bass of a voice from the GOAT voiceover guy…Liev Schreiber. The voice of HBO Sports. Hard Knocks, Boxing, and the NHL. Nobody has a better voice in TV right now and I was shocked that the dopes who sit with me on Dogwalk Drafts didn't appreciate him. You can watch the full episode here but you should be ready to vote tonight appropriately. A vote for me is a vote for bringing back NHL 24/7.