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Fortnite Will Never Die: Justin Jefferson Became The First NFL Player To Be Featured In Fortnite

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Corvette, Corvette? I am sure Juju wanted this one. He loves gaming, loves Fortnite and loves dancing.

Justin Jefferson has become the first NFL Player to be featured in Fortnite. His "Get Griddy" signature touchdown dance is coming as a Fortnite emote.

This emote looks clean…

Now I haven't played Fortnite in a minute, but I don't know if this game will ever die. 

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The competitive scene is electric and even got Nickmercs back on the sticks for some tournaments.


If you want to see some nostalgia Fortnite, watch this YouTube video, it features a lot of my old clips from various titles. Back in the day, I used to compete in Fortnite kill races all the time.