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The Giants Drafted Lawrence Taylor 40 Years Ago So Lets Start Our Day By Watching LT Absolutely Annihilate Some Quarterbacks


I'm not a big anniversary guy and I know that highlight blogs aren't exactly click magnets. But I don't give a fuck because Lawrence Taylor never gave a fuck and sometimes you need to pay respect to one of the greatest to ever do it by watching someone absolutely DOMINATE others that were supposedly the best at their craft during their time while silently giggling to yourself. 

LT looks like an athlete plucked from the 2020s popped into the 1980s to cause total chaos in quarterbacks lives. An unbelievable combination of speed and size (along with perhaps some other sort of "fuel") that caused him to change the game forever by making Left Tackles the filet mignon of the offensive line to protect their precious quarterbacks' blindsides from maniacs like Lawrence Taylor flying off the edge back when you could suplex a QB minutes after he threw the ball without a flag in sight. 

Speaking of suplexes, how many NFL Hall Of Famers also won a WrestleMania match?

To be clear, I have no clue if the answer includes anybody but Sir Lawrence of the Meadowlands. Nonetheless, please don't forget these wise words from an absolute legend.


Anyway, I felt like this was the best way to kick off our morning before Day 500 of discussing the 2021 NFL Draft and I will pistol whip the next person that calls anybody but Lawrence Julius Taylor "LT".