Kyle Shanahan May Be Plotting To Send Jimmy Garappolo To Belize


Uhhhhh, are you ok Kyle??? Is this you right now????


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That would be one way to take care of the Jimmy G "problem"…just waste him in the desert like he's Drew Sharp, dismantle his dirt bike, and dissolve him in a barrel full of acid. On the other hand he could simply cut Jimmy…but man, that cap hit won't be pretty. So it looks like Shanahan is going to handle it the old fashioned way. I can't say I condone it, let's make that clear. I think there is probably a better option that doesn't involve murder, but hey, I'm no head coach. All we can do is contact the DEA (RIP Hank and Gomey) and let them handle it from here on out. And dollars to donuts, I bet Pinkman is involved. Junkie idiot. Everyone acting like he's the good guy and didn't sell meth at recovery meetings, like he didn't kill Gail, like he wasn't as equally responsible for everything as Walt was. Oh wahhhhh, Brock got poisoned for a day. Big whoop. That's part of being in the meth empire business. Ugh.

Anyway, sorry to see you go, Jimmy. Hopefully it's just not to Belize.