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The Time Has Come For Cole Caufield To Start Bullying NHL Goalies That Aren't His Own Teammates

Cole Caufield has been up with the Montreal Canadiens for a week or so at this point and he's been terrorizing the shit out of his own goalies at practice. It's honestly shocking to see just how dirty he's doing his own tendies. He's 20-years-old getting his first crack at the NHL level and he's clearly not even afraid of getting hazed by his teammates. Not only is he not afraid of taking some shit from his older teammates, but he's actively going out of his way to bully them. Makes you wonder if bullying even exists anymore in 2021. 

Imagine some 20-year-old twerp doing this to Patrick Roy in practice back in '96. 

No chance. 

But now it looks like Caufield will finally get a chance to dummy some other goalies in the NHL because if you know how to speak French, this tweet sure sounds like he'll be making his debut tonight against Calgary. 

World Juniors gold medalist. Hobey Baker Award winner. And now about to get his first game in the NHL under his belt. What a year for Cole Caufield. Also, what a year for American hockey. You already had the league leader in goals being an American playing for a Canadian team with Auston Matthews. And now the best player on Montreal is about to be an American as well. How the turn tables.