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$50,000 Twitch Rivals Warzone Tournament is Today at 4pm - How to Watch

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Twitch Rivals Warzone Tournament is today starting at 4pm EST with the biggest streamers and content creators playing for a chance at their portion of $50,000.

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Some notable streamers being freatured:

- Nickmercs

- Swagg

- Bonzergorgon

- Frozone

- Braindead Bernie 

- Tommey

The event is 5 Warzone Trios Custom Matches with the following scoring rules:

Placement Determines Score Multiplier

1 Point per Kill

1st - 2.0x kill multiplier (every kill counts as 2 points)

2nd - 5th - 1.5x multiplier

6th - 15th - 1.3x multiplier

16th - 25th - 1.1x multiplier

26th+ - 1.0x multiplier

AKA - If one team gets 10 kills and a second place, they receive 15 points. The sum of the 5 games will determine the winning team.

Therefore, the key to scoring is all about kills. These teams will need to find the perfect balance between slaying and playing for end game.

You can watch the event live using the channel below: