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Pray For England: Pubs ALREADY Have A Beer Shortage, Two Weeks After Bars Were Allowed To Re-Open

[Source] - PUBS are facing a shortage of beers including Amstel and Birra Morretti as brewers struggle to keep up with demand after lockdown. It comes as Brits rushed to their locals after pubs finally reopened for outdoor service on April 12 in England.

More than 10million adults have so far enjoyed a visit to the pub since they reopened, with many said to be keen to sip on a draught pint again.

However, Birra Moretti's owner Heineken is now temporarily limiting pubs to order three kegs per week to cope with supply issues.

Heineken said demand had "totally surpassed" its forecasts and that its breweries are "working round the clock" to deal with the surge.

I'm not even joking. I'm honestly terrified for England here. You know what they love? The queen, soccer (as long as it's not the Super League) and beer. Having a shortage of beer is going to send all the hooligans into an uproar that we've never seen before. This might be why the Super League didn't work. They saw the lack of beer coming and immediately decided to revolt into the thing they love the most. 

Let's be honest. There was no other outcome here. This is like when Bills fans show up to other cities and drink the bars clean out of beer. The moment England decided to re-open pubs, there was going to be a beer shortage. You don't re-open pubs without this coming into play over there. I was a part of this once. All my friends from Cleveland would have the entire city down here for a Bengals/Browns game.  Shockingly, the Browns won one game in the early 2010s and Tina's ended up dry. Not sure how a bar by the stadium doesn't stock up enough, but it was a Thursday night and they had to put up an out of beer sign. Wasn't sure to feel proud or what. 

I still can't think of a scene that sums up England more than this: 

I can't think of something worse than a beer shortage. Beer is delicious. Sometimes you need a beer, specifically:

5. Any celebratory event

4. When you get to your vacation destination

3. After doing yardwork 

2. On a patio

1. The 19th hole

Someone get the Zillions Beer guy on the horn and get him on the next flight out to England with some beer for the country.