Who Is The Worse Teammate/Human - White Sox Dave Or Big T?

Both. Both are worse. And I use the term "Human" lightly. Not too sure any species of barnyard animal or Lummox could qualify as a Homo sapian. The preferred nomenclature for them should be simply "Mammals". Not only that, these animals are beyond ungrateful. After resurrecting them from the dead countless times do I get any sort of appreciation or even a thank you? Nope. Just Commie T continuing to spew his propaganda and ROTC Dave challenging me to RnR. 

For shame, people. For very shame. And for all I've done for both of these mammals 

As if we're not battling enough in the game already by just playing? War is already stacked up against the odds of the soldier, no matter if they already have a satchel in their hearts. 

The only thing we can do is move on. ROTC Dave and I are dropping in Verdansk now and need all the help we can get. 

Squad it up.