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Free Parenting Tip: Don't Ride Your Scooter On The Highway With A Child Sitting Underneath Your Legs

I am usually not one to offer much parenting advice since I realize I am far from a perfect dad and will usually save any good tips for Podfathers since I can sneak an ad read in beforehand to help make Barstool some money. But do you know how reckless you have to be to get that type of a response from a New Yorker? 99.9999% of the dumb shit done on the road in the city will either result in ignoring it while speeding away, laying on the horn, or flipping the bird. Getting someone to show an emotion other than anger while driving on one of the worst roads in America (which is pretty much every road in the five boroughs). Dumbfoundment, compassion, empathy. None of those usually show up on a New Yorker's lips in between dodging the pot holes and dickheads drifting in and out of lanes. Yet this man, who is lucky enough to have both a ride or die chick and a ride or die kid, was able to inspire that kind of reaction from a total stranger happily going about his own life. A truly impressive feat from the concrete jungle where dreams are made of.