Hundreds Of People Named Josh Went To A Field In Nebraska For A #JoshFight To Settle Once And For All Who Is The King Of The Joshes. Yes, This Is A Real Thing That Actually Happened This Weekend

You know your brain has been completely rotted out by months of internet isolation when you see something like a #JoshFight taking place with hundreds of Joshes meeting in the middle of the country and you don't even bat an eyelash. But that's exactly what happened this weekend.

This all started last year on Facebook when we were all reeeeeeeeeeally bored as the entire world shut down to the point a bunch of scummy tiger thieves captured our imagination along with really old Bulls highlights. Josh Swain (one of them) decided to post this message to his fellow Josh Swains. 


Fast forward to Saturday and thanks to the magic of the internet, we actually got a showdown of the Josh Swains to see who had the right to the name in the purest form of combat: Rock, Paper Scissors.

What followed was the Main Event, the Battle of the Joshes in a pool noodle fight complete with Joshes of all shapes and sizes showing up like the portals scene from Endgame.

We had Spider-Josh repping the nerdy Joshes:

Dad Bod God Josh representing the unit Joshes:

And about a zillion other Joshes including what appeared to be an Obi-Josh Kenobi, in the most preposterous thing the internet has done since people went all the way to Area 51 to NOT storm it.


What's better than this? Joshes being dudes. A truly glorious moment for internet brotherhood (and maybe for COVID-19 depending who how many maskless Joshes were actually vaccinated). 

There are countless crazy things that had to happen in the last year to make all of this possible, with the most important thing being a Josh that organized this. This doesn't work with any name. If you had a battle of Mikes or Steves, you probably get a handful of people at MOST heading to a remote field in Nebraska without nearly the carefree demeanor to make something like this work. And can you imagine an #AxelFight? The carnage and body count would be massive and resemble a Game Of Thrones battlefield after Dany Targaryen Dracarys'd everything, even though pool noodles were the only weapons available to a group of Axels. 

But a battle of people named Josh lends itself to the perfect amount of easygoingness and good vibes to make this possible:

If you are reading this blog and your name is Josh, bend the knee for your king!

Oh yeah, in addition to having some fun and making a five-year-old kid's day if not month, the #JoshFight raised thousands of dollars for a children's hospital (that just so happened to once treat the new king of the Joshes) and brought in a bunch of food donations for the Lincoln food bank.


There are a million reasons why the internet is the worst thing to happen to humanity with a million more seemingly popping up daily. But for one day in Lincoln, Nebraska a bunch of Joshes gave us a reminder of why the internet is awesome. Now if you will excuse me, I am going back to bed because I am pretty sure I am living in another dimension to the point I am honestly expecting to read that this pool noodle sold l for millions of dollars followed by an NFT of it to selling for billions.