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Daniel Cormier Just Confronted Jake Paul In The Crowd At UFC 261

Alright, so I just mentioned this in my blog about the crowd at UFC 261 chanting "FUCK JAKE PAUL", but felt it deserved its own blog. 

Apparently, the "FUCK JAKE PAUL" chants came from the YouTube star walking into the arena, and when Daniel Cormier caught wind of that, he immediately confronted him about these comments last week....

I really hope a better video of this whole altercation drops soon, because I'd love to see the look on Jake's face when DC walked over - there's just no way he expected Cormier to get up from the commentary desk immediately and bee line to him the second he sat down. I also wanna hear what DC was saying to him, because if this is what he was saying on commentary….

….I bet it got a little more explicit down in the crowd. I mean, imagine those guys met in a dark alleyway somewhere? Paul would be dead in about a minute.

Gotta fucking love Daniel Cormier, man. Gotta love him.

UPDATE: Here's the best video I've been able to find….

h/t Dwanye 

UPDATE #2: Here's another one from Jake….