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DMX Took His Last Ride Through New York In A Red Casket On Top Of A Monster Truck With Hundreds Of Bikers Following Before Having A Public Memorial At The Barclays Center

Wherever Earl Simmons watched this all go down, you know he had to be smiling because that was as true a way to honor the legend of DMX as I can ever imagine. True hip hop royalty that stayed real regardless of how much money he made or how famous he got, as the unbelievable amount of stories that have flowed in the last few weeks told us. 

I don't think I have ever seen a blood red casket before and I KNOW I have never seen a blood red casket on a monster truck before. But we never saw an artist like DMX before, who came out of nowhere to drop two number 1 albums in 1998 with a style that was so different than what was running the hip hop scene back then, with barking and motorbikes replacing shiny suits and luxury cars. He was as much an icon for hip hop as he was for New York, with the Barclays Center hosting his memorial that included Kanye's Sunday Service Choir, Nas, Swizz Beatz, and DMX's daughter all hitting different emotions when they got the mic.

Again, the perfect way to honor a legend of the rap game and the city. RIP DMX.