It Was Mayhem At Sox Park Last Night Capped Off By This Streaker Getting Decked By A Security Guard

There is a lot to unpack from last night's Sox game, and we'll start with the streaker: 

I didn't really want to blog this and give this kid what he wants in spite of me drunkenly saying it was funny last night on twitter myself. Felt like it would be encouraging the behavior and I don't want to be responsible for that. Here's my official stance on it: it was funny once, the kid got decked, but let's not make a thing of this. It was funny once, it won't be funny again. 

Moving forward, I got this sent to me a few times:

Apparently Kopech snapped, as he should have. I would have, you would have, and if Kopech caved these guys faces in for talking about his kids, ex wife and personal life, no jury on earth would find him guilty. That's just off limits. There are rumors it was Cubs fans, other people said it was Sox fans, and a few people sent me the perpetrators (plural, it was a dude and his GF) twitter handles. I think I can safely speak for 99.9% of Sox fans, players, staff, and people in general - you're fucking scum bag losers and deserved to get your asses beat. FUCK both of you, you pieces of shit.

On a last non-game note, if you wear a jersey of a team that's not playing in a game, you're a fucking asshole:

I'm not saying that just because they were Cubs jerseys. If they were any other jersey, I'd have said the same thing. It's so goddamn tacky. Wear neutral colors. If you were at a Cowboys vs. Eagles game and wore a Bears jersey, how dumb would you look? This annoys me to no end. 

On top of all that, there was also a game played. I had scout seats, nbd:

It's no secret that Dylan Cease' "shit" is awesome. His command and ability to harness that shit is non existent. Seeing him pitch from this angle makes me want to send a PSA to White Sox fans to NOT give up on him. He's got a world class arm. We've seen what Katz has done with Gio, Rodon and more… he can do the same with Cease. Cease' learning curve is just a little different. If nothing has changed come mid season, he's got Kopech knocking on the door anyways. Cease knows that as much as anyone and does not want to lose his spot in the rotation. Competition, I think, will breed success. 

May the best man win.

Yermin Mercedes is also the best player on planet earth. He's the love child of Mike Trout and Babe Ruth. Dude just hits, hits and hits some more:

He's been a GOD SEND for this team in Eloy's absence. Just incredible. Yes, he's going to come back to earth eventually but if he finishes the season with something like a .275/.350/.500 slash line with 20-25 dingers, holy hell would that be huge. If he keeps hitting at even a good rate opposed to an ungodly rate, then they're going to have a really tricky situation on their hands if/when Eloy gets back. 

The team is also over .500 for the first time this year. All of the peripherals say they are outperforming their record, so it'd be nice if they went on a nice little 8-2ish run in the 10 or so games. Nevertheless, you are what your record is. I don't care about peripherals. Give me winning, even if it's winning in spite of what the underlying stats say. 

Keuchel on the bump tonight. Need 6 quality innings or better out of him. Let's keep this train moving - last night was a ton of fun and it looks like they're really starting to click. Fuck the Cubs