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Nickmercs Finally Got His Equity

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Nickmercs FINALLY got his equity. If you can't tell, I'm a big Nickmercs fan - #MFAM. Originally, I found Nickmercs when I started streaming back in 2016. Every night, he would stream Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 GameBattles Search and Destroy Tournaments with himself, Nio and Ampz. Even back in the day when a "large" channel would be considered with 300+ viewers, Nick was pulling in 2000-3000+ viewers starting his streams around 9pm EST (real gamer hours) and would play into the late night/early morning.

It is very tough to know the exact specifics of this storyline, but this is how I best understand it

2016 was the same year that Nadeshot created 100 Thieves. At this time, Nade and Nick had a good relationship and Nickmercs was "signed" to 100T as one of the very first content creators. However, he wasn't truly "signed." He and Nadeshot made a verbal agreement that Nick would receive some portion of equity (rumors state about 10%) in 100T at a later date - NOTHING was in writing. Mercs joined 100T because he saw Nadeshot's vision and wanted to help grow the brand, while getting in the ground level.

As the years progressed and 100T got bigger, Nick wanted his equity (I don't blame him). This is when shit hit the fan, leading to Nickmercs ultimately leaving 100T because he never got what was promised to him. Now, I don't think Nadeshot wanted to screw Nick out of equity - as the brand grew, the investors of 100T most likely put pressure on Nadeshot to NOT deliver on his promises because nothing was in writing and equity in 100 Thieves is worth tens of MILLIONS today.

After leaving 100T - Nickmercs and the MFAM were one of the largest, if not THE largest, community on Twitch. Similar to Stoolies, the MFAM is extremely loyal and passionate about the brand and content creators they support.

This led to Mercs signing with FaZe clan.

Yesterday, April 23rd, Nick finally got his equity. He is now co-owner of FaZe Clan.

W's all around! Congrats to the Twitch Goat for officially having ownership in a Top Tier gaming org.