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Tiger Woods Posts First Picture Since The Car Crash, He's On Crutches But He Looks Jacked


Finally. Tiger Woods has finally posted a picture of himself since his single-car crash in late February and I gotta say, he looks pretty good. Ignore the crutches and the leg brace and pretty much everything that has happened to him over the last 6 weeks or so and you'll agree with me. He looks fucking jacked, honestly. Which shouldn't surprise me now that I think about it. Tiger mow has all this down time where he can't play golf or do cardio so what does he do to stay fit? Pumps endless sets of dumbbells. He probably just sits in his home gym and does dumbbell rep after dumbbell rep. It looks that way anyway.

In all seriousness, Tiger looks wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better than I thought he would look. After reading all the reports about the crash we didn't know what the fuck happened to his lower body. We didn't know if just one leg was screwed up or if both legs caught the worst of it. It seemed super bleak when we heard about the extensive surgeries he had to have on his lower body and we didn't know what the fuck he'd look like the next time we saw him. So taking allllllll that into account, I'd say Tiger looks fantastic in that picture. Am I gonna go so far as to say that I think he'll be back to his winning ways at some point in the future? Yes. Yes I am. I will never doubt Tiger Woods' ability to overcome obstacles. Remember when for a decade people were saying he'd never win another major? How'd that work out. And sure, this latest self-inflicted obstacle seems like the biggest one yet (especially at his age) but you just have to remember one thing, he's Tiger Woods. A mere mortal like you or me would never be able to come back from this but luckily he's not us. He's Tiger woods and Tiger Woods can do anything. Back.