There is a Captain America 4 In Development!

Malcolm Spellman is picking up Captain America's shield once again.

The head writer and show creator behind Disney+ and Marvel's The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is developing a fourth installment of the Captain America film franchise for Marvel Studios. Spellman will co-write the script with Dalan Musson, a staff writer on Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

No castings for the project are officially known but Friday’s episode offers plenty of roads for the feature to take. Up until this point, Chris Evans has played Captain America via the Steve Rogers character, appearing in a trio of solo movies, Avengers outings, and assorted Marvel movies. And the question of who is entitled to carry the shield or be Captain America was central to the show.


The MCU turned both Captain America and Iron Man into names that were already popular into guys that challenge the two GOATs (Batman and Superman) in terms of popularity. With Iron Man gone for good (sorry to the guys below), we need a new main lead to latch on to. 

All of these smaller and out-of-universe movies are great, but knowing we got that comfort food, that bacon cheeseburger, on deck is a very exciting. You know when you keep looking back into the door to the kitchen when a waiter comes out cause he might be bringing out your sampler platter? That's me for this movie already


Ok so if you've seen the last episode of FatWS, you know that Sam is obviously the new cap. He doesn't have powers, but he has a badass new suit from Wakanda, the shield, and the temperament of Cap that's needed to wield it. Like I mentioned in my review, when he gave that big speech and essentially told the GRC to fuck off, that good is good and pragmatism can fuck off, that is the moment he became cap. It was almost like how only the most just person can wield Mjolner or the sword in the stone. 

This should excite you because Anthony Mackie is charismatic as all hell and will add a whole new element to the shield.