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Biggest Humble Brag Of All Time? Lyrics On Snoop Dogg's New Album Imply He Smoked Weed With President Obama In The White House

HNHH- Snoop's 18th studio album, titled From Tha Streets 2 Tha Suites, arrived right in time for 4/20. The album has plenty of noteworthy cuts, but on the Mozzy-assisted track "Gang Sings," Snoop notably alludes that he has previously smoked weed with former President of the United States, Barrack Obama.

After Mozzy's feature concludes, Snoop opens his second verse by rapping, "Still sipping gin and juice while I’m smoking marijuana/I bet you never blew with Obama."

According to HipHopDX, Snoop Dogg's claims may have some truth behind them because a 2014 article from The Washington Post reported that Snoop Dogg had allegedly smoked weed at the White House. While the Post's account doesn't tie Barack Obama to the legendary West Coast rapper, Uncle Snoop did confirm during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that he has in fact smoked in a White House bathroom.

Whether Obama is in fact a fan of cannabis is a relative mystery, as HipHopDX reports that while visiting Denver, Colorado in 2014, the former president reportedly turned down a chance to smoke at a local bar after the state legalized recreational use. 

I envision this going down like Chris Tucker and Ice Cube in Friday, with Snoop playing the Chris Tucker role.


Snoop can get anybody to smoke with him. 

And how could you say no? You'd have to be a moron or one of the biggest squares in the world. It'd be like telling the Pope
"no I'd rather not read the Bible with you Holy Father" if he asked. Or passing on a Jack Daniels on the rocks if Sinatra offered you one. We're talking the greatest ambassador of marijuana since Bob Marley here. 

Barry O is a notorious chain smoker. Guy loves his grits. Supposedly rolled a mean joint in college too. 

So you gotta assume Snoop's humble-brag here is very legit. And good for them. You KNOW they're not the first people to smoke up in the White House.

If you don't think Slick Willie and George W. dabbled in party favors than I have you have rocks in your head.

And also, can we talk about Snoop Dogg casually dropping his EIGHTEENTH album on Tuesday night right after Method Man and Red Man put an absolute beatdown down on Verzuz? 

The guy's gotta be 60 now (checks google), he's actually only 49 years old but he looks way older. But that's not stopping him from dropping new music on a regular basis. 

People forget he went through a reggae phase as "Snoop Lion" there for a minute…

And that he was also a No Limit Soldier as well…

(sidebar- was there anything better than the dirty south album covers of the early 2000's? Might have to do a whole blog ranking the best ones)