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Rivalry Renewed - The Cardinals And Rams Are Mocking Each Other About Their Coaches Blasting Some Bare Chest In A Pool On Draft Night

What's wrong with a couple bros popping their tops off and blasting some bare chest on draft night? Mostly what I love about this is the fact that true football guys are appalled that these pretty boy head coaches would dare draft from a pool. This of course is in reference to the Rams Malibu beach home turned war room: 

Place looks awesome. I would like to hang out there on draft night even though I'm not a Rams fan. Don't give a shit about the Rams. Now obviously the battle here is the fact that Kliff Kingsbury had that fucking sweetest setup for a war room last year: 

I don't care about win/loss records with Kliff, the guy is fucking cool. There's no other way to put it. Hell, that's what that picture shows. No one else can pull that off. You put Tom Coughlin and his red cheeks there doesn't look right. You put Bill there, doesn't check out. You put Andy Reid there and I expect him only to be at the grill firing up some burgers in a Hawaiian shirt. 

I said it before but I actually like the war rooms being in places like this or at just a regular ass house. I don't need the little stuffy office area. Give me chaos with WiFi problems, people wandering in and out, dogs showing up. Make it a production, I don't care. I just hope this back and forth pisses people off. I enjoy when people get mad at the dumbest things.