I Hate Fake Fights. Give Me RnR 10 Times Out Of 10.


I've been thinking on this. They are calling this Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather fight an "exhibition" fight which to me sounds a lot like "fake fight". And who the fuck are we kidding- this is FLOYD MAYWEATHER we are talking about! He beat every professional boxer in the world for a decade, and we are expected to believe Logan Paul can step in the ring against him? What planet am I on? 

It's so stupid to think in any universe Logan Paul can beat Floyd Mayweather. We are all going to watch, obviously, but this is basically like when we make a joke about if a college team could beat the Browns or whatever. No, of course they cannot. And a YouTube boxer can not beat Floyd Mayweather. C'mon.

Give me real fights with people who just want to whale on each other for love of the game 10 times out of 10. That's what Rough N Rowdy is. That's who Shizzat the Rizzat is. 



I get the hype behind a Paul brothers fight, but if you want a real fight, not an "exhibition", that's what RnR is here for. Plus the main event is going to be awesome, to the point Seth Rollins broke it down and handicapped it



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