The Sports Story Of The Year Belongs To The Guy Who Used His Father's Ashes To Bowl A 300 Game


Truth be told the biggest part of this story is that he did on a league night. No disrespect to our fallen angels but carding a 300 in league night is basically every regular guy's dream. It's one thing to do this during practice or maybe in a more recreational setting. But in a 3-game series on a Thursday night after half-a-dozen cold ones and under the pressure of your high school buddies? That's bright lights. That's big stage. Let's not gloss over the sheer performance in front of us just to talk about the ashes. With or without the ashes, you want to tip your cap to John. He obviously knows his way around the lanes. 

That said, OBVIOUSLY bonus points for rolling your dad's ashes in the thumb hole. OBVIOUSLY there's an appeal here to give a 301 just to let people know this is the ultimate 300. For those wondering how he pulled it off? - Hinkle bowls two-handed. To do that legally, a bowler can’t have three finger holes in his ball.

So the 39-year-old Peoria Public Schools counselor filled the thumb hole of his ball. With his father’s ashes.

As a two-handed bowler myself, this is a big moment for the community. Bringing awareness to regulations while also showing the softer side of the two-handers. Traditionally people think we're cheaters but I'd actually like to see you say that to John Hinkle's face. Pray to God he doesn't turn it into a catcher's mitt like most of the Peoria guys I know. 

Anyways, just an unbelievable story with so many feel good moments

Hinkle’s father John introduced bowling to John and his brother Joe when they very young. The brothers have bowled on the same team for years.

“I was talking to my brother and told him, ‘I’m shooting a 300 with this ball,” Hinkle said. “And Joe said, do it!”

I've been saying it forever but you guys honestly don't understand how great bowling is. Easily the best recreational sport for the masses and it's not even close. Drinking and competing and hanging out with your friends on a weeknight will never be the same once you get started but the most important thing is you get started. You're never too old or in this case too young.