Tommy Pham Was Being Heckled By His Own Fans So What Does He Do? Lift Up His Jersey To Show His Massive Scar From Being Stabbed This Offseason

It's a shame there isn't video of this incident because I would have loved to see the interaction. A Padres fan was at the game on Wednesday and tweeted out that a few other Padres fans were GIVING it to Tommy Pham, outfielder for San Diego. He's been pretty bad this season, 0 homers, 4 RBIs, .153 average, .301 OBP in 19 games. That isn't the Tommy Pham the Padres thought they were getting for him when they got him from the Rays. Padres fans seem to be pretty upset with him for underperforming, one big problem. He was almost killed in the offseason. He was stabbed in the back in October outside of a strip club and the doctors said if he wasn't in such good of shape he could have been killed. 

That is a ton of blood, it's still pretty crazy that he was able to recover from the injury and is playing baseball today. Obviously as a fan you have the right to not approve of how a guy on your team is playing, I think we've all had a guy on our team that stunk and you get frustrated (see Davis, Chris.). But Pham is a different story, because of his story and the incident I feel like he's off limits to yell shit at. Maybe Padres fans should sit this one out. I'm sure Pham isn't thrilled with his performance this season either, he's probably frustrated and that lead to him pulling up his jersey during the game to show his own teams fans the massive scar on his back from the knife. Also gave them a hand gesture, probably a one finger salute. And if we're being serious those fans probably deserved it. Those fans aren't in Pham's shoes, they don't know the stuff he's gone through to get back to the baseball field, and yelling stuff to your guy about him being at the strip club an being stabbed is a bit over the line. Just because you have a ticket doesn't give you the right to yell whatever you want. That situation itself is a strange thing to chirp your own guy about.