Chicago Is Apparently Going To Institute The Dumbest Law Ever Created Which Will Require Police To Get Permission To Chase Criminals On Foot

I would like to say right off the jump that this is not a political blog. I don't do political blogs. I exclusively do snarky, cryptic political tweets. There's a big difference. 

This is a common sense blog. A blog to point out that requiring police to call into a supervisor in order to pursue a suspect on foot is ABSURD. 

Officer Sir, do you know why I stopped you?


Officer: SHIT. Call the supervisor

Officer 2: Hi, we stopped this guy who was involved in 400 carjackings. Can we run after him? (gets placed on hold)

And…in the words of Hawk Harrelson…HE GONE!

In what world does this make sense? The job of the police is to serve and protect. Hard to protect when it's against city ordinances to chase criminals without permission. I just don't understand how people make decisions like this. There are def some problems with policing. Not allowing police to police isn't the solution to those problems. It just makes innocent people less safe because there are literally ZERO deterrents or fear of getting caught. Stopped by police for committing a crime, even a violent one…just run away. Problem solved. Unbelievable how people can sit around in a room, brainstorm, and get nothing more than a drizzle.