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An Airplane Aisle Is Just A Runway Of Judgement

-The most judgement a person ever faces is walking down the aisle of an airplane. Just everyone staring daggers at you and thinking about how they’d feel if you took the empty seat next to them. I wonder what people think when they see me coming. 

-There’s so much pressure at the doctor to describe what’s wrong and it really stresses me out. You can’t just say, “My stomach hurts.” They ask where exactly, how much, to describe the pain, etc. and I feel like my life depends on answering these questions correctly. 

-I’m not sure when the term “sell like hot cakes” was invented, but I know it must have been a very very long time ago because the hot cakes market has seemingly slowed down significantly since then. I’ve never heard a single person say “Oh get a load of these hot cakes I just bought.” Feels like we might need to update that phrase. 

-I don’t know what Internet “cookies” are, but I know I give them out to absolutely any website that asks. 

-It would be a funny gag if, instead of taking a customer’s name, a coffee shop or something just described the person who ordered it on the label and then you had to figure out if you’re that person based on the description and the people around you. “Short bald guy.” “Hot blonde girl.” “Tall, possibly Norwegian man.” It seems like it could certainly get problematic, but it would be funny. 

-Note to self: I want to start AirDropping random things to random people more often. I just think it’s funny. 

-I don’t like when a place says they were “established” in a certain year, but it wasn’t that long ago. You can’t be a restaurant bragging that you were established in like 2016. Now if I see “Established in 1947” then I’ll think “oh wow.” I don’t know where the exact cutoff is for when it becomes acceptable, but I’d guess around 17 years.

Thank you for your time.