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Nelson Cruz Took 2 Comically Slow Trots Around The Bases After His Home Runs And Athletics' Fans Were NOT Happy

So Nelson Cruz is doing that thing he's really good at, hitting long home runs. He did it twice on Wednesday in Oakland and both times took a comically slow walk around the bases. The first wasn't even that bad, but the Oakland fans were not thrilled. Some boo birds came in, they didn't appreciate him taking his time. Keep in mind he'll turn 58 next week, but they were still not happy with him. I don't think it had much to do with showing anyone up, I think he's just up there in age and doesn't really want to run the bases after demolishing a pitch. He also got hit in the foot Tuesday so I'm sure that doesn't feel good to run on. But the Oakland faithful didn't really care, they gave him the boos they thought he deserved.

Cruz steps up again later in the game and this time hits one to deeeeeep left center, just avoids getting robbed and this time he went EVEN SLOWER than he did the first trip around. I'm talking grandma crawling speed. Honestly one of the slower trots I've ever seen on a baseball field. Hilariously slow, this one may have been because of the booing earlier in the game. He may not have been milking it earlier, but he was sure going to let the crowd know that he was hurt this time. You want a slow trot? You got one. He might as well have been shuffling his feet at this point, just pumping his arms to make it look like he's running but it's basically a step up from a light walk. 

Cruz isn't a villain so he's not doing it on purpose, but it was still hilarious to see him up there barley moving at the speed of a snail around the base paths. I hope he continues to hit homers and walk at whatever pace he wants until he's 80.