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MRankings - Ranking the Best Bald Streamers in Warzone

DentMercs - Yup, the headset leaves a dent. If you don't believe me, feel your own noggin. Mine feels pretty deep...yikes.

The question of the day - Does having hair increase or decrease your gaming performance? No clue - but we'll have to have our analytics team at Barstool Gametime review the data.

Nickmercs went bald last week which drove Twitter memers and the MFAM into a frenzy.

This got me thinking, who are the best bald streamers in Warzone history? Here are my power rankings + a bonus pic.

1) Nickmercs

2) BobbyPoff

Technically not bald, but Bobby went from long-haired Greek God to shaved head because he's simply a man of the people. This earns him a spot on the leaderboard.

3) Johnny Sins

Your favorite Doctor, Police Officer, Astronaut, Teacher, Lawyer, and NOW esports star!? The list of accolades never ends.

4) Loochy

The Bald King of Warzone TikTok

5) Maven

6) TimtheTatMan

Did I miss any bald legends? Tweet me your picks @MRagsTV

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