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Texas Tech's Play-by-Play Announcer Made One of the Best Catches You'll Ever See From the Booth

Texas Tech's series with West Virginia last weekend featured the best grab I've seen at any level of baseball this season and it wasn't even on the diamond.

TTU's Jace Jung fouled a ball straight back towards the press box and Red Raiders radio announcer Geoff Haxton made the catch of the year with his bare hand. He catches the ball so cleanly that I was sure it had to be fake upon first watch. It looks like he had some sort of mini vacuum in his palm that sucked the ball right into his hand.

He didn't even think about putting up a second hand, either. That would have been a nice catch if he had been wearing a glove, let alone bare- and single-handed. Geoff is an animal. He also frames the ball like a Major League catcher after he catches it. Everything about this video is immaculate.

This just goes to show how you build a championship program. When you've been one of the best college baseball teams in the country for the better part of the last decade, even the radio guys are Gold Glove-caliber.