I Could Not Be Rooting Harder For WR Tutu Atwell Who Just Weighed In At 5'8, 149 Pounds



149!!!!! I fucking love it. That's probably about what I was coming out of college as well, and as it turns out I could have been drafted into the NFL. Dammit. I knew I fucked something up in my life, I just didn't know I could have been a football player until right now. What's great too is this 149 is the result of a ton of training and lifting, so who knows what his playing weight was. 140? I love it.

I can't wait for 2 things now:

1) To see how much weight he puts on during the summer. He's going to be drinking whole milk and Chipotle 3 meals a day. I'm going to guess they will want him to show up to camp at 160, and he'll be around 155.


2) What massive WR he is drafted ahead of. I say this only because my favorite thing of all time is DK Metcalf was drafted 2 picks after Andy Isabella 



Whoopsie daisies! 

So gotta pull hard for Tutu Atwell now. Anyone under 150 pounds signing up to play in the same league as Aaron Donald needs all the support he can get. Let's eat, Tutu! And I mean that literally. Let's eat food. A lot of it.