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Anthony Edwards Wants One Thing And One Thing Only For The Wolves: Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez To Get Back Together

Anthony Edwards is the funniest man in sports man. I just want to listen to him give interviews every day. The man just flat out said he didn't know who Alex Rodriguez was/is. Sure, you can say that he was young when A-Rod was playing baseball. But he never watched a baseball game? He never happened to be on Twitter? Nothing. What makes it even funnier is this quote then (h/t GQ).

Okay how fast are you throwing it?

If I throw it right now?

If you throw it right now, and if I gave you a month.

If you gave me a month it might be a hunnid.

100 mph?

A hunnid.

You lying ya ass off.

[laughs] I’m dead ass! I’m dead ass! I sweatagod!

Doesn't know Alex Rodriguez but can go out there and throw 100mph. I fucking love this kid. He's the funniest person whether he knows it or not. But now we're onto one thing and one thing only. Getting JLo and A-Rod back together. My best blogging friend Clem needs it. The Wolves need it. America, nay, the world needs it. You can't have your team owner putting up this on Instagram: 

AntMan has his mind in the right place. He even says he doesn't want his owner sad. That's a guy who you can build a franchise around. He's outgoing, he's caring, he's going to give quotes left and right and he's wildly interesting. Minnesota beat writers need to stop writing about the Wolves. They stink. Just write about weird AntMan shit. Things like him learning an Irish accent: 

Or him learning classic locker room traditions like dumping water on a coach: 

Or him becoming the MVP of every single sport that ever existed

So come on JLo. Help save the Wolves. The franchise needs it bad. They don't win, ever. They couldn't win with KG. They can't win with KAT. They lose year after year. Give them a happy ARod at least

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