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Iowa's Compliance Department Is Subtweeting And Crying About CJ Fredrick Transferring, His Uncle Takes To Facebook To Fire Back

Aww Iowa is upset that CJ Fredrick wants to play for a team that can actually make the Sweet 16. Adorable. Also, just a complete and utter bullshit of a tweet. Have the balls to tag him here instead of subtweeting. We all know what you're talking about Iowa. You're pissed that CJ Fredrick is likely to transfer to Kentucky. 

Also fucking hilarious that Iowa is just crying about this. Uhh, every transfer is talked to before they officially enter the portal. Every single one. You don't have to bitch and moan about it just because the most hyped team in school history lost in the Round of 32. Then again, it was pretty telling when this was the release about him transferring: 

That's it. That's all Fran said. That's all Iowa said. Every other transfer gets some sort of release thanking him for his time, wishing him well, etc. Not Fran baby. Just a 'yeah he left, the fuck you want me to say?' That's why college basketball (and football) is a business. I don't know why people try to make it out like anything else, it's a business. Everyone is trying to improve their own future. 

I will say there was ZERO doubt that CJ's uncle would go to Facebook. All the olds go to Facebook to put out a post. I wish it was on Twitter, you get way more interaction there guy. But going on Facebook is just so perfect. Now I just need CJ to commit to Kentucky officially and really send the Iowa compliance department into a frenzy.