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Jordan Reed Has Retired After Doctors Did A Brain Scan And Recommended He Not Play Anymore


Andddd exhale. Phew. Man. I love Jordan Reed. When he was at his peak, in his prime, and not injured, he was an unguardable TE who reigned terror on whoever tried to line up with him. 



Unfortunately, that "peak/prime/not injured" time was few and far between, as Jordan Reed could unfortunately never stay on the field due to a wealth of injuries, both to his bones and to his brain as he fought through 7 on-record concussions his entire career. 

Every time Jordan played it felt like he was either going to A) Go off for 120 yards and 2 TDs, or, B) take a helmet to helmet blow and be out indefinitely with a concussion. His latest concussion had him in concussion protocol for 6 months, and he said he wasn't sure the symptoms were *ever* going to go away. That's how bad it was. And yet he still decided to play last year for the 49ers. It drove myself and other WFT fans crazy to see him continue to risk long-term damage, because of how much we grew to love him as a player and a person. He just loves football and didn't want to stop playing, which I respect. 

But now due to those concussions, he has been advised to retire, which he is doing:


ESPN - Former Washington Football Team tight end Jordan Reed said he's retiring from the NFL because of lingering issues from multiple concussions suffered throughout his career.

"I was pretty sure I was going to keep playing; I was feeling good about where I was at," Reed told ESPN. "But then I had some lingering effects and sought out professional help to get diagnosed. They told me it was not a good idea to keep playing. I agreed with them."

Reed visited Orlando's Plasticity Center in late winter for a brain scan. He said based on the results it was recommended he retire. Reed said it took him a while to make the decision.

"Before when I had a concussion I would feel better afterwards and I wouldn't have lingering effects," Reed said. "If I didn't have any symptoms I would have kept playing," he said. "I'm OK with it because I know the reason why I'm making the choice is for family and my children, so I can be there for them. It's just time."


To be honest, when I started this blog I hadn't read that ESPN article about it yet. I hadn't read "Reed visited Orlando's Plasticity Center in late winter for a brain scan. He said based on the results it was recommended he retire." yet. That's scary. A brain scan coming back and all the recommendations being to immediately retire. I hope they got him out of the game in time. And it makes me wonder- should the NFL routinely mandate these brain scans on players with histories of concussions? What if Jordan never got this scan? All just makes me wonder.

So congrats to Jordan on his awesome career and it looks like he already found something he loves outside of football…weed.


Reed said he's getting involved in the cannabis industry after relying on marijuana to help with his injuries. He said he already owns some assets in the industry, but is seeking partners.

"I always knew the dangers of opioids," Reed said. "I chose to lean on cannabis for a lot of that pain."


Hell yeah. Hit up Buddha Ben if you need any help.