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Tonight's The Night - Method Man and Redman Go Live On Verzuz for 4/20

Sun Times - A “How High 4/20” Verzuz battle between Method Man and Redman — longtime friends, collaborators and well-known cannabis advocates — is slated for 7 p.m. Tuesday via Instagram and the Triller app.

Outside of standout tracks and past collaborations from the duo over the years, expect some sort of tribute to their former Def Jam Recordings labelmate and occasional collaborator, DMX, who died earlier this month. The trio rhymed on the hit 1997 track “4, 3, 2,1” with LL Cool J and the recently deceased rapper known for his gritty lyrics.

The two joined forces for “How High,” a track from the 1995 album “The Show: The Soundtrack,” and later parlayed their friendship — and charisma — into a film, movie soundtrack and TV series by the same name, along with other albums including “Blackout!” and “Blackout! 2.”

Poet and author Kevin Powell says the friendship between Method Man and Redman is tangible proof of how two highly successful creatives can produce timeless music while staying close.

“Method Man and Redman are not only two of the greatest characters in hip-hop’s history, but their deep friendship has endured across styles and eras of culture like, say, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong in jazz, or Elton John and Billy Joel in pop music,” said Powell in a statement to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Upcoming Verzuz battles include a May 8 Mother’s Day edition with R&B groups SWV and Xscape, and a “rematch” of previous contestants scheduled for Memorial Day weekend.

Let's fuckin go!

4/20 is here and who better to honor the date than Reggie Noble The Fuck Docta and the Ticallian Stallion. 

This one is going to be a burner (pun intended). I'd expect this to go 3+ hours easily with the amount of hits these two have both independently and together. Plus you know there will be mountains of weed piled up in the background with a duo of torcedors (cigar rollers for the layman) rolling blunts non-stop. 

I've been hyped for this since Verzuz announced it a little over a month ago. I am going to lose my shit when "Da Rockwilder" comes on. 

I hope they run it back a couple times. 

The festivities begin tonight at 8pm Eastern. You can watch it on the Triller app, the Fite Tv app, or on Instagram