German Soccer Teams Have The Best Rule In All Of Sports And It Gives Fans Voting Rights

So obviously the biggest story in sports right now is all the top teams across Europe threatening/posturing/planning to break off from their traditional domestic leagues and play in a Super League with only the best/richest teams across Europe. Troopz lost his god damn mind about it in a spirited anti-American(soccer) rant. 

All the big clubs from England, Spain, and Italy coming together to tell everyone else to piss off because they're broke peasants. Dortmund. No Bayern. No Schalke. No German teams at all. And why...because they can't out-vote the fans because of this brilliant "50+1" rule. What is the 50+1 rule...where here you go

The 50+1 rule guards against this. In short, it means that clubs – and, by extension, the fans - hold a majority of their own voting rights. Under German Football League [DFL] rules, football clubs will not be allowed to play in the Bundesliga if commercial investors have more than a 49 percent stake.

In essence, this means that private investors cannot take over clubs and potentially push through measures that prioritise profit over the wishes of supporters. The ruling simultaneously protects against reckless owners and safeguards the democratic customs of German clubs.  

Power to the people. The Proletariat dominating the bourgeoisie and protecting leagues and teams from themselves because it sounds like this Super League idea is a big middle finger to the fans and the fans in Germany can show up to a board meeting and make real decisions. It's what all the Packers shareholders dream of when they pay $100 or whatever for a "ownership stake" in the team because they are morons. After watching the Bears, Cubs, Blackhawks and Bulls routinely suck and operate at various levels of dysfunction in recent times it would be great to crowd source ideas and have real veto power. Like oh we are going to give Stan Bowman a promotion and Jeremy Colliton an extension even though neither guy has proven worthy…how about no. VETO. Oh we are going to retain Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace because they went 8-8 again and made the playoffs…VETO and they're both fired. Oh we are going to trade Panarin for Brandon Saad while they make the same money, but you have to pay Panarin's $3M overage bonus as he lights it up for another team. That type of thing would never happen if we had this 50+1 rule. Now…I am sure that in practice the fans don't get to vote on personnel decisions, but I honestly don't think having fan referendums on certain decisions is a bad idea. Like, yes, there are a ton of MORONS on the internet who loudly voice their opinions and are reactionary. But if they treated it like a representative democracy or like a small council meeting i.e. Game Of Thrones then teams could avoid some missteps that ALWAYS piss fans off. Like when they bring in some carpetbagger playdough face after the Blackhawks lose to Detroit in the biggest game of the year and he tells us that there were positive take aways from that game…don't do that

Or putting out tweets like this for no reason when everyone hates this decision to begin with because you MASSIVELY fucked up the last QB decision

They need a small council of regular fans to screen this and be like "absolutely not you fucking idiots this is going to piss EVERYONE off" and then they can avoid looking stupid and alienating their client base. That'd be a good thing. We need like a coup and to adopt this strategy where we can actually vote instead of voting with just our dollars and tweets. Credit to Germany…forward thinking democracy and they got it right.